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Aztec Website Design
We specialise in website designs and manage many sites both in the UK and in Germany. One of our German sites is for Angel’s Pet sitting service and they are in Biberach southern Germany. We also support an English company selling items in Germany, we help with all their language needs. They supply Bio-Mass machines for making free newspaper fire logs, their Freestander MK 2 sells for €189.00 plus €20 p&p. Another German company we provide support for make St Andrews Crosses for the BDSM market, retailing at €75 plus €10 p&p. We also have a verity of sites in the UK our parent company, Aztec Web Designs is based in Beckenham, Kent and we have at least 20 websites for companies and individuals in and around the area. We support several local community sites, Croydon Crematorium is a not for profit site run to assist the families and friends of lost ones. We have several high street communities also, Croydon Hugh Street in Surrey, Sutton town centre as well as Caterham town centre. We also look after some local amateur dramatics groups from the Purley Pantoons to Sanderstead URC Parlour Players.